Spark Your F.I.R.E. Bundle

Welcome to Spark Your F.I.R.E. Bundle

Fearlessly Inspired Radical Expansion

This is not just a program, this is a constellation of mindfully selected programs to create a transformational experience for you. Each program will be released at a particular time to help you spark the FIRE within you. 

You are about to embark on a journey that will unpack your unexplored potential and propel you into a space of possibilities and expansion. 

You know you have a fire in your belly, we know it too. We’ve seen some glimpses of it every now and then. But the world and those you are meant to serve and inspire can’t wait any longer. They need your FIRE NOW.

It’s time to fully show up in your full power. 

What does F.I.R.E stand for?

Fearless Dreams
Inspired Actions
Radical Transformation
Ever evolving expansion

Ready to Spark Your F.I.R.E.?

Let’s do it!

You have your dreams and your desires, but they won’t choose you. 

You have to choose them.

I understand that going after our dreams can be hard and can take way longer than we’ve imagined and when the whole world goes into a pandemic, well let’s just say, that just sucks! Right? 

And yet, people succeed every day, living in the same pandemic world like you. They build the life of their dreams, scale their business, publish their books and impact the world.

How did they do it? Simple! 

They did the WORK 

They stayed in the FIRE

They didn’t GIVE UP

No matter what

Only you can decide to go after your dreams. 

Only you can decide to change your lifestyle.

Only you can decide to create a successful business.

Only you can decide to spark your fire and burn the house of insecurities and not-enoughness down to the ground
build a strong castle. 

Spark Your F.I.R.E. Bundle gives you the lessons, tools, support and space to help you access your power, overcome challenges and fears, take inspired actions towards your dreams. This is an experience of radical transformation and expansion.

What's included?

The Power of Personal Boundaries (valued at $97)
13 lessons, pre-recorded videos + handouts + course workbook

Unlock your Power (valued at $333)
4 weekly sessions, pre-recorded videos + handouts + manual

Spark your Superpower (valued at $666)
30 daily sessions, pre-recorded videos + 30 handouts + self-discovery journal

Spark Your Transformation (valued at $1,111)
12 weekly sessions, wide and deep inner work + handouts for each session



The Secret to Confidence (valued at $97)
pre-recorded masterclass + workbook

Total of value of Programs + Bonuses

(40+ video trainings, 40+ handouts, Live Q&A, Journals and manuals)

$ 2,304

Spark Your F.I.R.E. Bundle
is available for 53% of its value

(save over $1,082)

Pay only $1,222 when paid in full

(payments option is available as well)

Spark Your FIRE is a multi-layer experience of transformation and integration, from shifting mindset, upgrading limiting beliefs to identifying tools and strategies that you can immediately apply and implement.

The access to this bundle is happening in two phases: 

Phase one: Fundamental work

  • access to The Power of Personal Boundaries and Spark your Superpower. The lessons are released daily to help you build the habit of showing up for your goals and dreams and build up momentum.

Phase two: Deep work 

  • access to Unlock your Power and Spark Your Transformation. These courses are taking you deeper in your transformation, and wider in your expansion. The lessons are released weekly to provide you with sufficient time and space for integration. 

Bonus: Impact work

  • access to The Secret to Confidence Masterclass

I believe that each and every lesson and assignments can shift, transform and change you, your business and your life! I can’t even imagine your exponential results after receiving over 40 lessons and over 40 assignments!

What you’ll get:

  • 40 + pre-recorded sessions
  • Over 40 DFY materials
  • over 70% Off deal 
  • Lifetime Access to everything


One Payment

save $110 USD

 $1,222 USD 

Payment Plan

Three monthly installments