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Fearless Transformation

A Six Month Course Created to Support Your Exponential Expansion.

Fearless Transformation is a space created for learning, implementing, transforming and succeeding. 

We all know the powerful question”Who am I being?” and today you are invited to learn how to trust in feeling complete with the answer “I am” – simply I am – no labels, no titles.

Imagine yourself six months from now:

You’re sitting at your desk with a clear inbox / walking along the beach feeling calm / running a retreat for amazing clients/ _______ (fill the blank).

How do you feel when you imagine that? No, really!  How do you feel? 

Write it down, in great detail. 

You have the power to create all of it! You get to have the life you want!

If you’re ready to make that vision a reality, step this way and join us in Fearless Transformation – a space where other open-minded and driven people like you are committed to creating the life they desire and deserve.

Throughout the six month I didn’t only led the Fearless Transformation, I also did the work along with my clients. The Fearless Transformation program has me dig into my story and prepare me for writing my book. By the end of this program my book was written and the contract with my publisher was signed.

Two months later I published! Today, Raising My Voice. The Memoir of an Immigrant is a bestselling book and twice #1 new release (in two categories)

All, while moving to a new country, going through divorce, recovering from surgery, and other things I’ll share inside the course.

You are MEANT to do great things!

STOP playing small!

Why take the Fearless Transformation course ?

We tend to believe that the reason why we don’t get results is because we are not disciplined enough to execute their plans.  Did you ever feel the same about yourself? 

What happens is that we want to execute the whole plan at once- that is way too much and frankly, it is impossible. 

Let’s take just one step at the time!

You see, this is not a matter of discipline, it is simply how the brain works: if we want to take too many steps at once, the brain simply can’t do it!  Our brain is what keeps us stuck, and for good reason: to keep us safe! 

Great news: in the right place and with the right support we can expand our comfort zone!

But, wait! Fear kicks in as soon we want to try something new, right?

Great! This is the space to learn and calibrate to be the one who embrace the fear and do it anyway! Become FEARLESS.

  • Fear is inevitable –> let’s become fearless!
  • Transformation is inevitable –> let’s allow expansion to occur!

You are invited to

 stand in your Power, live with Passion and fulfill your Purpose

Here is the truth: Fearless Transformation is not for everyone! 

  • This is not a “tips and tricks” kind of course
  • This is not a space for information- you have free access to any information, just google it!

Most of all, this is not a program where you ‘hope’ to get “the secret”. 

There is NO SECRET !

 Fearless Transformation is designed for you to experience your own TRANSFORMATION day by day, week by week and long after you complete this program!!!

Fearless transformation is for you if:

You are ready to show up and do the work to become who you want to be and meant to be!

You are willing to access your determination, commitment and desire to succeed. 

You are determined to face your fears and learn how to outgrow them.

You are committed to tell your truth, make the decisions and take actions to move forward.

This is the space where you’ll unlearn what doesn’t serve you and learn what does!

What you’ll learn:

  • New mindset around: boundaries, money, leadership
  • Face your fears and learn how to move forward with them. 
  • Identify your niche, message, mission and allow them to evolve with you.
  • Create your own signature program/ product/ service.  
  • Upgrade parts of your business/ life so you can make your dreams come true.
  • How to trust yourself as a successful entrepreneur

What you’ll get:

  • 18 wide and deep sessions hosted by Simona Spark 
  • the videos (about 90 minutes each) are released weekly to give you space for implementation and integration
  • six trainings, six workshops, six Q&A
  • Surprise Bonuses each month
  • Closed group to connect with your classmates
  • Graduation certificate
  • FREE future upgrades are automatically add to your dashboard
  • Lifetime Access
Fearless Transformation is an immersive experience!

Each month, you will be supported to learn, implement, integrate and expand!

  • Thought provocative trainings to stop you in your track and support your mindset shifts.
  • “Do it Now” Workshops to keep you in action and encourage you to implement what you’ve learn.
  • Q&A and laser coaching to overcome immediate challenges.
  • Guided self-discovery workbooks will offer you an personalized experience.
  • Mindfully selected prompts to ease the discovery of your own answers.
  • Surprise bonuses simply because you deserve it!

Are you ready?

One Payment

(save $221 USD)

 $1,777 USD 

Payment Plan

Six monthly installments 

$333 USD

Students experience

We move from:

” I’ll experience my  transformation after I change my mindset and my beliefs.”

And step into:

” I’m embarrassing my own transformation every day as a result of following my desires and creating an impact.”

I'm ready for a Fearless Transformation!

One Payment

(save $221 USD)

 $1,777 USD 

Payment Plan

Six monthly installments 

$333 USD

VIP Package available !

Access private coaching with Simona Spark.

* 3 private coaching sessions * each session is 90 minutes long *
* all sessions are recorded *
* lifetime access to the audio recordings *

Availability: four seats per year!

VIP One Payment

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Six monthly installments 

$666 USD

See you inside!