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I’m  Simona Spark , a Transformational Coach, Bestseller Author, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host, International Speaker, Course creator, and so many other things! Before anything else, I’m a mother who raised her child while moving to three different continents and six different states and countries. I’m a woman who healed her story, I’m brave enough to break the rules and commit to make my own rules that align with my desires and my wildest dreams!

There is no hiding and there is no holding back anymore.
My story is out, for the whole world to read, and is now a bestselling book
aising My Voice. The Memoir of an Immigrant

I stand for people who are ready to raise their voices authentically to create an impact. My work is about supporting people to break through anything that stands in their way to create their dreams. My direct approach – unfiltered, uncensored and unapologetic communication style – will stop you in your tracks and grab your attention to new perspectives that might stretch you in a more expansive experience of life.

‘Your spark can become a flame and change everything’ 

– E.D. Nixon 

                           Contact us  transformation@simonaspark.com

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