My TEDx Talk 

A Gender For Every Human Body

This is my unprecedented debut in public speaking. As a result of my work and research in LGBTQ space, I was invited to give a TEDx talk. I said ‘Yes’ to my mission, I freaked out about public speaking, and then I step on stage saying ‘No’ to my fears.

$10K in 6 minutes

From No English to Tedx Stage

As a participant in the $10k in 10 weeks challenge I’ve made over $20k while having a surgery, traveling to three different countries and taking a week vacation. Plus, I won the challenge and the big check $10K. Find out how.

Author Success Interview

Who Am I To Share My Story?

In this interview my coach, friend and soul-sister Sara Connell asks provocative questions about my journey of writing and publishing my story: Raising My Voice. 

It’s not human sexuality Podcast

A transformational story of self-love and self-respect

I’m so honored to be a guest on it’s not human sexuality Podcast and so happy to share with you this real conversation about the raw parts of my immigrant journey.

Raising My Voice Summit 2021

Healing wounded masculinity.

This conversation rapidly transformed into a powerful masterclass on masculine and feminine energy. Get ready to have your mind blown by the masterful coach, speaker, teacher, leader Sean Smith.

Dreams Are Real Podcast

Put your fear in your pocket and move forward

Dan McPherson is the founder of Leaders Must Lead and he created a space for raw conversations about dreams and possibilities in his podcast Dreams ARE Real.

Women Starting Movements

Parenting from  place of inclusion

I’m honored to be part of Women Starting Movements Series hosted by  my friend, writing coach and soul-sister Sara Connell. Join our conversation about the impact we create in the world.

Hearts Unleashed Podcast

Raising YOUR Voice

Find out how I shifted from fear of speaking to having speaking being the foundation of building my career and creating an impact in the world. The biggest challenges are hiding the biggest gifts

Your Shoe Rock Series

Life is not linear

My amazing client, friend and soul-sister Liz Kerr is the founder of Your Shoes Rock. Liz is supporting teen’s moms to empower their daughters in finding their own voice and choosing their own path in life.

Tales She Told Me Podcast

Show Up Authentically

Join my conversation with Farrah Haidar, the host of Tales She Told Me Podcast. Find out how to be and stay authentic as an immigrant who doesn’t speak the language of new country.

Mission Accepted Podcast

Your Voice Matters

What an honor to be invited in this powerful space and have a conversation with incredible Deborah Drummond! In this podcast we offer you lots of essential tools to support you in creating your success!

Bitch Keep It Real Podcast

The Comeback Kid

Tonia Emanuel, the host of this high energy podcast asks the questions exactly how I like them: direct and no BS. Tune in to find out how to become limitless through all the limits life presents us.

She Knows What Works Podcast

How To Step Into Your Authenticity

As a VIP guest for “SHE KNOWS WHAT WORKS” Podcast Launch Party, I was interviewed by Agnes Bogardi on major topic: authenticity!

Hey, Sonia and Carolyn Podcast

Just Do the Damn Thing

I’m so honored to be the first guest on Hey, Sonia & Carolyn Podcast. Find out how we met and worked together for years, plus I drop multiple concrete tools to help you do, be and have whatever you want.

Impossible is an Illusion 

You can create the life you want!

Join me in this open and raw conversation with Kyra Schaefer, the co-owner of Hypnosis and As You Wish Publishing. Listen to these inspiring perspectives on creating the life you want.