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Welcome to Spark Your Superpower

The 30 day intensive that will change your life

Spark Your Superpower

is the sacred space created to help you build a strong foundation for your business and your life.

Most of us know the power of showing up constantly.

** Imagine where you can be after showing up for 30 consecutive days!

We understated how crucial it is to be clear about our intentions.

** Imagine being connected with your intention every day for 30 days!

We all have a dream about our business and lifestyle.

** Imagine what is possible when you are building it every day for 30 days!

I can’t wait to give you all that I implemented for myself and for my over 300 clients.

Choosing what worked and generated results (meaning, $ in the bank), squeezed the best juice out and have it all for you in these 30 days of Spark Your Superpower!

Give yourself the chance to fully transform in 30 days and to step into your full potential.

Your family, friends, clients, and the world needs you at your full potential!

What’s the energy of this course?

  • 30 days of showing up
  • 30 days of consistent action
  • 30 days of momentum
  • 30 days of reframing thoughts
  • 30 days of shifting mindset
  • 30 days of upgrading limiting beliefs
  • 30 days of expanding your dreams

The  structure of  Spark Your Superpower course

Module I → Build your foundation for success

  • Choose the life of your dreams
  • Identify and redefine your boundaries
  • Create space for yourself/ your dream
  • Look fear in its eyes
  • Follow your heart’s desires

Module II → Claim Your Superpowers!

  • Claim your identity
  • Your desires and intentions
  • Identify your gifts, your superpowers
  • Embrace challenges like never before
  • Be the leader you are called to be

Module III → Access Your Unlimited Potential

  • Access your unlimited potential
  • Dare to dream bigger
  • Come out of hiding
  • Access your own power
  • Celebrate self and others

Module IV → Comfortable in Discomfort

  • Overcome the fear of selling
  • Handle money objections
  • Embrace the fear of rejection
  • Trust yourself and others
  • Evolve to next level

Check out our student’s Aha’s and Insights

What you get:

  • instant access to the course 
  • 30 videos trainings hosted by Simona Spark (released daily) 
  • 60+ keys to unlock limiting mindsets
  • 30 handouts to support your work in this training
  • Downloadable and printable Spark Your Superpower journal
  • Graduation certificate
  • Closed group to connect with your classmates 
  • FREE future upgrades
  • Lifetime Access

Spark Your Superpower is an transformational experience with daily results!


One Payment

 (save $111 USD)

 $666 USD

Payment Plan

Three monthly installments

$233 USD

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Let’s Spark Your Superpower!

One Payment

 (save $111 USD)

 $666 USD

Payment Plan

Two monthly installments

$388 USD

Let’s Spark Your Superpower!