Raising My Voice: The Memoir of an Immigrant 

           Raising My Voice: The Memoir of an Immigrant is a true story of resilience and possibility. The lessons in this book are as diverse as author Simona Spark’s life experiences. Because of her dynamic past, this memoir reaches a wide audience, and has knowledge for everyone.  It provides value and guidance to those who have been subjected to domestic violence, toxic relationships, and discrimination. It sheds the light of possibility for those struggling with understanding sexuality and gender identification. 

         After decades of practical application, Simona raises her voice to help you practice raising yours. Spark has used every obstacle in life as a stepping stone, which has paved her way to great success. On her journey from knowing no English to standing on the TEDx stage, she has relied on her commitment to her vision to raise herself above her circumstances to charge forth into her destiny. By the end of this book, you will be inspired to fulfill yours as well.

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