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Let’s Create an Impact!

I spend most of my life in deep fear of speaking up. Growing up, I learned from early age that speaking up is not safe.  I’ve been humiliated, shunned and even punished for expressing a thought, an idea or a desire.

Over time I broke all the rules when comes to speaking and raising my voice: my first public talk was on TEDx stage. This unprecedented event was the launching pad for my speaking career.  At this point I lost count of the number of my talks, interviews, trainings and events, I’ve done virtually and live on  stages around the world.

Turns out, that speaking is my gift, my calling! 

Today I’m not missing any opportunity to raise my voice, for myself, and for others. I speak for impact!

It’s been a journey of conscious healing work and years of introspection and transformation. You could read the whole story in my bestselling book Raising My Voice. The Memoir of an Immigrant

If you are ready to raise their voice authentically to create an impact check out the events bellow that can support you on your journey!

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