Spark Your Superpower

6 Lessons

 Welcome to Spark Your Superpower

~ the 30 day intensive that will change your life ~

I’m so proud of you that you are here!

We are about to start building a strong foundation for your business and your lifestyle.

This course is a 30 day commitment to show up, do the work, transform and integrate!


The lessons are released every day, for 30 consecutive days!

  • It is important that you show up everyday to stay in transformation energy and build momentum.
  • More important than this is to COMPLETE each assignment before you move to the next lesson. 
  • Most important: be open and have fun!

Short course overview:

  • Module I → Build your foundation for success – 8 lessons
  • Module II → Claim Your Superpowers!- 7 lessons
  • Module III → Access Your Unlimited Potential- 7 lessons
  • Module IV →  Get Comfortable With Discomfort- 8 lessons

Every lesson is accompanied by a handout to support your self-discovery process.
You also have access to the
pdf journal of this course. 

Spark Your Superpower guided self-discovery journal, hardcopy available for order in Library

Let’s Spark Your Superpower! 

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