Spark Your Superpower

Spark Your Superpower

 Welcome to Playing with Stars

~ The art of co-creating with the Universe  ~

I’m so proud of you that you are here!

We are about to start building a strong foundation for your business and your lifestyle.

This course is a 30 day commitment to show up, do the work, transform and integrate!


The lessons are released every day, for 30 consecutive days!

  • It is important that you show up everyday to stay in transformation energy and build momentum.
  • More important than this is to COMPLETE each assignment before you move to the next lesson. 
  • Most important: be open and have fun!

Short course overview:

  • Module I → Build your foundation for success – 8 lessons
  • Module II → Claim Your Superpowers!- 7 lessons
  • Module III → Access Your Unlimited Potential- 7 lessons
  • Module IV →  Get Comfortable With Discomfort- 8 lessons

Every lesson is accompanied by a handout to support your self-discovery process.
You also have access to the
pdf journal of this course. 

Spark Your Superpower guided self-discovery journal, hardcopy available for order in Library

Let’s Spark Your Superpower! 

Revealed Masterclass

Revealed Masterclass

Welcome to Revealed Masterclass 

I’m very happy that you are here!

In this training, you are to gain about to shift your mindset around money, results and sales.

Plus, a live demonstration on how to make an offer without selling.

Let’s reveal your path to success!

Becoming the New You  Masterclass

Becoming the New You Masterclass

Becoming the New You Masterclass

Welcome to Becoming the New You Masterclass!

This masterclass will help you have a deeper understanding of identity work. 

As we grow and evolve, our identity and our beliefs are shifting constantly and sometimes that makes us feel disconnected. 

In this masterclass you’ll receive new perspectives and tools to help you be in alignment in your beautiful process of becoming.

I’m celebrating the New You!



Welcome to Worthy

Welcome !

Congratulations for being here! You are worthy of putting yourself fist and be in a space where you get to learn, practice and implement how to access the power of your own worthiness.

The world can’t wait to see you fully – the magnificent powerful creator that you are! 

Worthy is more than a powerful program. It is a journey,  a personalized experience of uncovering and discovering of who you are and who you want to become.

Please complete each session requirements. The workbooks are carefully created to support you on this journey. 

                                           Let’s Go!

How to Get Unstuck Masterclass

How to Get Unstuck Masterclass

Welcome to How to Get Unstuck Masterclass

Welcome !

Congratulations for signing up for this masterclass! I’m so exited to have you here. 

It’s time to identify what keeps you stuck, where and how to move forward.

This is a personalized experience of uncovering and discovering. Please download the workbook created to support you on this journey. 

                                                             Let’s Go!



 Welcome to Transformed

Congratulations for enrolling in this training!

I’m so happy to have you here!

Are you ready to build your business in an  authentically way?

In the next three days you will be supported to:

  • Discover what is your business about
  • Identify your own business model and own rules
  • Reveal your authentic message
  • Identify your people  
  • Create an impact in the world

Important note: 

We unlock one videos each daily for next three days to give you time and space to complete your action steps in the workbooks provided. Please DO complete each assignment to support your discoveries. 

Let’s begin!

Remarkable Masterclass

Remarkable Masterclass

Welcome to Remarkable Masterclass 

I’m so happy that you are here!

In this masterclass the conversation is wide and deep, inspiring and triggering, unexpected and provocative, and we won’t have it any other way. 

This is your space – a container where you get to have your own experience and most importantly, you will receive your own message.

You are so much more than you think you are! 

You are Remarkable!

Spark Your Transformation

Spark Your Transformation

Welcome to Spark Your Transformation

A 12 week Course to Build your Authentic Business

You are here! Congratulations!

You are about to embark on a three month journey of eternal transformation. I’m so excited for you!


The lessons in this course are going wide and deep:

  • Shift the mindset around: boundaries, productivity, money, leadership
  • Bring all the fears and learn how to deal with them once for all
  • Identify the limiting beliefs that hold you back from success
    Upgrade parts of your business so you can move forward
  • Learn how to be and trust yourself as a successful entrepreneur
  • Step into your leadership power and change the world

The videos are released weekly to give you space for implementation and integration.
You are expected to complete the weekly assignments and implement what you learn.