Spark Your Transformation

Spark Your Transformation

Welcome to Spark Your Transformation

A 12 week Course to Build your Authentic Business

You are here! Congratulations!

You are about to embark on a three month journey of eternal transformation. I’m so excited for you!


The lessons in this course are going wide and deep:

  • Shift the mindset around: boundaries, productivity, money, leadership
  • Bring all the fears and learn how to deal with them once for all
  • Identify the limiting beliefs that hold you back from success
    Upgrade parts of your business so you can move forward
  • Learn how to be and trust yourself as a successful entrepreneur
  • Step into your leadership power and change the world

The videos are released weekly to give you space for implementation and integration.
You are expected to complete the weekly assignments and implement what you learn. 

Spark Your Superpower

Spark Your Superpower

 Welcome to Spark Your Superpower

~ the 30 day intensive that will change your life ~

I’m so proud of you that you are here!

We are about to start building a strong foundation for your business and your lifestyle.

This course is a 30 day commitment to show up, do the work, transform and integrate!


The lessons are released every day, for 30 consecutive days!

  • It is important that you show up everyday to stay in transformation energy and build momentum.
  • More important than this is to COMPLETE each assignment before you move to the next lesson. 
  • Most important: be open and have fun!

Short course overview:

  • Module I → Build your foundation for success – 8 lessons
  • Module II → Claim Your Superpowers!- 7 lessons
  • Module III → Access Your Unlimited Potential- 7 lessons
  • Module IV →  Get Comfortable With Discomfort- 8 lessons

Every lesson is accompanied by a handout to support your self-discovery process.
You also have access to the
pdf journal of this course. 

Spark Your Superpower guided self-discovery journal, hardcopy available for order in Library

Let’s Spark Your Superpower! 

Unlock Your Power

Unlock Your Power

 Welcome to Unlock Your Power Experience

Congratulations for enrolling in this course!

I’m so happy to have you here!

It’s never been a better time to unlock our own power and show up authentically and unapologetically. 


For the next four weeks we will focus on:

  • Discover what and who you are standing for  
  • Identify your major triggers and learn how to transform them into your powerful gifts. 
  • Reveal your story and allow your message to come through. 
  • Identify your limiting beliefs and upgrade them to your current life
  • Identify who and what you are showing up for in your life.  
  • Develop a powerful vision and step into purpose
  • Clarify where and how much you want to expand
  • How to elevate and evolve your life and your mission

Important note: 

The videos are released weekly to give you time and space to complete your action steps and integrate your work. That being said, please DO complete each assigment to support your transformation. 

Let’s Unlock Your Power!