Welcome to Unfiltered

~ Authenticity ~ Transparency ~ Visibility ~


Unfiltered is a journey of healing your story so you can show up authentically and create an unfiltered, uncensored and unapologetic lifestyle.

The premier of Unfiltered was a mastermind group of my few private clients, who graciously agreed to not be edit out of the recordings as each conversation and every laser coaching that took place can serve you.

No more filters!

I’m proudly announcing:

UNFILTERED is NOW open to public!

The Unfiltered program is for everyone who is ready to pull out their story, do the necessary healing, learn how to embrace their flaws and express their gifts.

It’s time to stop apologizing!

You are supported to drop all filters and

show up authentically YOU!

Are you willing to heal your story?

Are you willing to drop the filters?

Are you ready to discover your authenticity?

Let’s go on this six months journey
of creating an unfiltered lifestyle!

Join  the Unfiltered!

We already upgraded the original recordings:

  • Clean up the signal glitches in each video
  • PLUS we added 12 guided self discovery journals to support you in having a personalized experience.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to heal your own story
  • Finding the lies and  the truth
  • The Energy of New level.
  • Identify the resistance.
  • Reprogramming the old beliefs.
  • Creating the Unfiltered lifestyle.
  • How to find your New purpose.
  • Achieve Exponential success.
  • Expand your Capacity for a new life.
  • Redefine Success and Results.
  • How to share your story from a place of Inspiration.
  • Learn how to write and publish your story

What you’ll get:

  • 12 modules – wide and deep sessions hosted by Simona Spark 
  • each session is 90 – 120 minutes long.
  • videos are released weekly to give you space for implementation and integration
  • the sessions are filled with multiple life-changing concepts.
  • 12 guided self-discovery journals
  • FREE future upgrades (automatically add to your dashboard)
  • Lifetime Access

Are you ready to heal?


Are you ready to let go of filters and insecurities?

Are you ready to release shame, doubts, and constriction?

Are you ready to show up uncensored and unapologetic?

And ready to become unfiltered?

Let’s access you true Authenticity!

Premium Investment

One Payment

(save $221 USD)

 $1,770 USD 

Payment Plan

Six monthly installments 

$333 USD




Access private coaching with Simona Spark.

* 3 private coaching sessions * each session is 90 minutes long *
* all sessions are recorded *
* lifetime access to the audio recordings *

Availability: four seats per year!

One Payment

(save $663 USD)

 $3,333 USD 

Payment Plan

Six monthly installments 

$666 USD

Are you ready to heal? 
Are you committed to show up? 
 Are you ready to expand?

Join the  Unfiltered today!