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The Art of being in charge of your emotions, your pain, your power.

For the longest time I felt most of my emotions in my stomach.

From the excitement of falling in love to the sick sensation when anxious. 

I mean how could I not?  Like you, I learned from an early age to feel ‘butterflies in your stomach’ when I’m excited and to feel a ‘pit in your stomach’ when nervous or anxious.

 Let me ask you this: Where in your body do you feel joy/  excitement/ anticipation? anxiety/ any emotion/ all emotions?

Throughout years of self discovery I kept on hearing the question: ‘Where does that emotion live in your body?” I’ve realized how limited my awareness about my own emotions and where they are located in my body is.

All my life I did what most do

  • celebrated with food/ drinks
  • heal my sorrows with food/ drinks

Why? Because we feel most of our emotions in our stomach so therefore we reach for food and drinks to respond to those emotions.

I wanted to experience life fully, not just through my stomach!

Back in August I started my One Way Ticket Lifestyle- an adventure that takes me from country to country around the world. The purpose of my new lifestyle is to connect with other cultures, learn from others how they do life and yes, to see the world!

I exposed myself to different spiritual practices and new ways of healing. In just two months my identity shifted tremendously!

    • I felt
    • I released
    • I made space
    • I received downloads.
      • I went in like never before.
      • I learn how to be in my body.
      • I learned how to listen to my body.
      • I learned how to feel my body from inside out.

I’ve discovered that my emotions are not in my stomach. My emotions are all over my body and I get to attend to them in so many other ways, besides food or drinks.

If you wonder how to identify the location of your emotions in your body, join me in The Insider – a training where we deep dive in our emotions, pain and power. This is transformational inner work, therefore is not for everyone, just for those who are ready to go deeper into their transformation.

Imagine this:

  • How can your life be different if you no longer ‘process’ everything through your stomach?
  • What gets to open up for you when you express your unique gifts and step into your power?
  • What kind of space, ease and freedom gets to be created when you release our pain (trauma)?
  • How would you show up for you business, your partner or your children when you understand, own and honor our emotions?

The Insider Structure

  • Training One: The Emotions
  • Training Two: The Trauma
  • Training Three: The Power

There are so many practices of healing with food and so many are great!  But also many people confuse healing with food with numbing with food. Emotional eater anyone?

I don’t know anyone who didn’t ever eat their feelings or drink their thoughts. Sound familiar?

If you want to change this way of living and you feel ready to experience life FULLY, not just through your stomach,

join me in The Insider.

What you’ll learn:

  • Discover your own emotions.
  • Identify their location in your body. 
  • Reveal your hidden trauma in your body.
  • Start releasing your pain
  • Discover your gifts and express them.   
  • Step into your personal power.
  • Three essential topics: emotions, trauma, personal power.

What you’ll get:

  • Three video recordings hosted by Simona Spark (released daily) 
  • Handouts to support your self-discovery journey (with the replay)
  • Use your investment as credit towards eligible programs.
  • FREE upgrades are automatically added to your dashboard
  • Lifetime access to this training.


One Payment

Premier fee (save $222)

 $111 USD 

One Payment

Post live training 

$333 USD

See you there !