Raising My Voice 2022 summit

Welcome to Raising My Voice Summit 2022

The Raising My Voice summit

 is a FREE event

 designed to support you

on your journey of raising your voice

to create an impact.

This annual event is very close to my heart.

After I published my story in Raising My voice: The Memoir of an Immigrant I was called for more. So I’ve created my first summit with the same name.

I want to empower and help people to speak up and speak out, and I want to offer different perspectives and tools besides my own.

And so, I gather a group of speakers and experts who are coming on this stage with one intention:

to help you navigate the fear of speaking.

Regardless if you are in conversation with your partner, your children, inside of your business or on big stages, your voice matters!

Let’s raise our voices together!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to access your voice
  • How to manage triggers
  • How to speak your message
  • How to speak your truth
  • How to manage the fear of speaking
  • … and so much more

What you’ll get:

  • transformational conversations
  • inspiring stories
  • powerful insights
  • concrete tools to help you raise your voice
  • free access to all conversations
  • gifts from each guest

See you inside!