B.A.R.E. Experience

Welcome to B.A.R.E. Private Experience

How to  fall in love with yourself.

The B.A.R.E. Private Experience

is the most special space that I’ve created so far. 

BARE Private Experience is a PRIVATE COACHING space


I know, first hand experience, that the standards for women, their bodies and how they ‘should’ behave, are absolutely impossible!

I also know how these standards formed limiting beliefs that grew into so many insecurities, self judgments and negative self talk. Of course, that not only damages my relationship with myself but also my relationship with others. So, all my life, up until not long ago, I needed someone in order to accept myself, but didn’t really accept myself anyway.

I had a strong belief about what romantic a relationship is: pretty much monogamy and marriage. Anything else outside of that was a big no-no!

So, I dated a guy and married the guy, over and over again (three times to be precise) I ended my relationships, did my best to live my integrity, fell in love again, and repeat. I messed up a lot of friendships, created new ones, disconnected from some family members and reconnected with others, and soon I realized that the most important relationship in my life is with myself!

I wanted to appreciate myself.

I wanted to respect myself.

I wanted to be honest with myself.

I wanted to give myself what I needed.

I wanted to LOVE myself.

I went BARE!

I striped away insecurities, judgments, absurd standards, lies, manipulations, limiting beliefs

I learned to trust in my desires, to ask for what I want and to enjoy receiving.

I became BARE!

I am quite comfortable with being BOLD.

I am allowing my AUTHENTICITY to come through.

I’m brave enough to make RADICAL moves.

I’m unapologetically EXPLICIT.

Start your BARE Experience today!

Dare to be BARE

This is a powerful private container, created with the clear intention of supporting you to love that person in the mirror.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to be comfortable in your own skin.
  • Identify limiting beliefs that won’t let you shine.
  • How to access your sex appeal. 
  • Confidence. Visibility. Authenticity. Sexy.
  • How to be BARE. 

What you’ll get:

  • 4 weekly private sessions with Simona Spark
  • the sessions are 90 min and recorded
  • weekly implementation steps 
  • Lifetime Access to replays


One Payment

You Save $110 USD


 $1,222 USD 

Payment Plan

Three monthly installments


$444 USD

Open for enrollment NOW! 

Enrollment will close as soon as all seats are occupied.