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My superpower helped me throughout life so many times and still does.

Moving to the United States was the most challenging time of my life! Imagine – I was a single parent, could not speak English, and I was in a foreign country with no friends or family.

My superpower gave me the strength to survive an abusive relationship before anyone got really hurt. For the past decade, I’ve had 16 addresses, lived in 6 countries and states, on 3 continents. If I only get to share one thing that I learned over the past decade is that all my challenges were my greatest gifts.

While living in a woman’s shelter for 5 months I accessed my superpower again – this time to keep my sanity. I continuously strived to find ways to create a better life for my son and I. And I did. Find out how and details of my journey in my book

Raising My Voice: The Memoir of an Immigrant

Today I help others to access their superpower so they can turn their challenges into their greatest gifts and create the life they desire and deserve. 

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Why I Became A Life Coach

Parenting is my passion! Parenting is a big responsibility and we should take it seriously – before we become parents. We live in an era where parenting is a choice, where you don’t have to meet the expectations of friends, family or society about the “right” time, age, gender, marital status or career stage to become or to be an excellent parent. My mission is to help, support and hold the space for people so they can make an empowered decision about becoming a parent, prepare for parenting or be excellent parents.

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