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“Simona has been my life coach for 3 months. She has been very motivating and supportive. She guided me to put a more positive spin on things I used to see as a negative. I’m learned to appreciate  who I am. I have also learned how different parts of my life affect other parts of my life. With Simonas guidance, I become a better person who has so much more to achieve.”
Julie Daywitt, USA

“I have witnessed positive results from Simona’s work with two of my very close friends. She is truly able to instil that ends in new life changes!”
Karen Weathersbee, USA

“Simona is an incredible coach! She is gentle and supportive, but she will kick you back on track when you slip away. She is a beautiful mix of support and challenge. Do yourself a favour and reach out to her”

Creina Woods, Western Australia

“Simona did a Discovery Session with me for an hour. Somehow she drew everything out of me — what should stay in my life, what should be tweaked and what should go. She got to the nexus of me. So illuminating! Highly recommend”

Renee Berg, USA

“I’ve been working with Simona for 4 months and she has been an inspiration to me! She has such an upbeat spirit and joy of life, and is genuinely compassionate for my well-being and amazing transformation. Thank you, Simona – I highly recommend you to anyone looking for life coach.”

Anne Larsen, USA